When all others around you seem to be losing their minds, it is so crucial to stay calm and focused. Emotionally ran endeavors are counterproductive. It’s taken me years to realize and understand this. Some of my biggest failures were based in emotional distress. The most detrimental is fear. It quickly renders one the ability to make a good decision. It can be paralyzing. Stuck in quicksand and no way out. I recently read an article that described it perfectly. Fear is a mind killer. So reading your article is an excellent reminder to put faith in God and wearing His armor means putting faith in God front and center which gives no room for fear to enter. So thank you for the reminding me that God plan is great and we can not lose what He has already won.

There are so many wonderful people who take the time to share their writings and you just never know when what you write helps others. Please keep sharing. Making the difference in just one person is reason enough to continue 🙏

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I don't see it as a new phase in the war, just another distraction. A big nothing burger to distract everyone from the financial crisis that is about to completely implode the markets.

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The viewership of MSM is at an all time low. They pitch to & attract very few eyeballs.

Transgender hoax or what my wife calls them “transformers” will be what I call a distraction.

All this crazy stuff emanating from the Babylonian Rads, has been going on for quite sometime, but thanks to the internet the plans & players are now being exposed... and saved digitally for all eternity to know and understand.

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